According to a certain business school professor and now published author, the industries that have seen the most phenomenal growth in Pakistan – Media and Telecom – have one thing in common: they’re all about talking. That tells us – if it was not already known – that we Pakistanis love talking. Our TV shows that make talking tournaments out of national politics to domestic quarrels and anything in between, have sky high ratings. Our telcos, who are the biggest advertising spenders in the country come up with a new package every second. So you get the drift: talking is huge business in Pakistan. And so is youth. Combine the two and you get talking youth. What does that mean for our enterprising telcos? Tantalizing business.

zong circle logo


Djuice has to be credited with the inception of this industry segment. With social activism and constant relevance, Djuice has evolved into a brand that actually talks to its target audience and stands for something.


Warid soon followed Djuice with Atif Aslam-endorsed Glow, but has sadly taken a few too many missteps in its journey and has yet to see any significant success.


Then in early 2012, Mobilink revived its Jazba brand – which previously existed as a Jazz package – with Atif Aslam as the endorser. While showing real zeal and promise at launch, Jazba’s fire has somewhat gone cold and it has yet to come up with anything remarkable since its launch more than a year ago.

Uth Pack and Circle

Zong and Ufone have been late to the party: Ufone rebranded its Uth Package as a standalone Uth Pack with a very slang-infused ‘On Kar’ theme only last month and Zong’s Circle just launched yesterday (12th June).

So, tell us who you think leads and who lags!