Yo buddy wassup. Like we went to the mall with ma peeps and like whatever right. And ohmygod it’s like totally awesome I tell you. We so cool right? That’s how all the hip people converse innit?

No need to wonder. The official authority on all things cool, meaningful and trendsetting – Glow by Warid –  is here with a new TVC, which is like totally relevant and hip. Have a look.

Loved it? Yeah, we didn’t either. In an epic spectacle of fallin-flat-on-yo-face-failure (that’s like 4 F’s by the way!), Glow by Warid once again shows a complete disconnect with its youth audience and dishes out a sad wannabe-cool mess that leaves a very bad after taste.

Here are a few suggestions for Glow by Warid:

Stop trying to be cool!

Stop trying to take your audience for granted and churning out superficial dance-jingle crap. And no, mentioning Instagram a couple of times, along with self-important guys with kohl-rimmed eyes does not make you cool. Nobody likes pretentious and fake. Be authentic!


Life is all about timing. Not to suggest that this could have fared any better at any other time of the year but…but, Glow by Warid, in an exceedingly dumb move, chose to release this ‘friendship anthem’ right at a time when virtually everyone in the country is completely immersed in something as far away from ‘Dosti ka scene’ as possible: Election Season.

Darn, what was it anyway?

You wanted to package the offer details in a way that looks more like entertainment than a commercial? Well, nice thought but tough luck. When you need to read subtitles to understand an ad which is not in a foreign language…well, you get the drift.

Hate to be so negative but, what to say…just give it up, Glow?