Glow by Warid, the ultra-cool trendsetter in global pop culture has once again proved its mettle by releasing yet another masterpiece, which has already been a major inspiration for one struggling British musician, Mika. It’s irrelevant that Mika’s song came out about half a decade earlier, let’s not get bogged down by mere facts, please? For those of you who must know the details of this, the story goes that Mika released this song titled ‘Grace Kelly’ which sounds suspiciously similar to Glow’s original composition.

Listening to the song first and then watching the masterpiece by Glow, it is clear that Mika left no stone unturned in copying the uber-original work of Glow.

Now have a look at the ad.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Glow; don’t let these cheaters bring you down, keep up the original work!