After a rather unsuccessful launch at the peak of the telecom boom in Pakistan, Wateen had all but disappeared from the buzzing Pakistani telecom and internet market. Seen by some as a pioneer of wireless internet in this market, Wateen was marred by service quality issues and was losing the market to competitors such as Qubee (I’m a big fan of their visual identity), Wi-tribe, and and of course PTCL.

Now they are back with a completely overhauled brand identity, starting with a new logo.

Although the new look is designed with regards to all the trendiness of modern identity design- its colorful, supposedly friendly, flowy, and in general pretty to look at. To that end, it succeeds. However it doesnt offer anything exciting or or even remotely inspired. And I’m perplexed as to the choice of the color, which is just too similar to their direct competitor PTCL.

Take a look at the TV ad:

I’m not a fan of this. All polish but no substance. In other words, this is just skin deep.

The website is rather well done by Creative Chaos.

Some applications and collateral here. Trendy but unbelieveably lame.