Wheatable, a digestive biscuit brand from Lu (owned in Pakistan by Continental Biscuits, in turn an affiliate of Kraft Foods), recently got a change of look that involves a refreshed packaging and a new logo. Why is the new packaging of Lu’s Wheatable a misstep? Three reasons:

1. The fact that the old packaging was very nice and very distinctive; replacing that with something as unimaginative and generic as this…

2. Dude, if you really HAD to do it, at least do it with some commitment- why exactly does the old logo make a showing on the biscuits AND on the packaging, right next to the new logo?

3. Feels like a surreptitious attempt to copy the well-known look of their main competitor, Whole Wheat Slices by EBM/Peek Freans.


by Najwat Rehman

Title illustration used icon by Pavel Nikandrov, from The Noun Project