Vote 2013 is a painstakingly hand-crafted stop-motion 15 second short that is based on the idea of a fragmented and broken Pakistan coming together as one for Election 2013.

From Director Salman Sajun: From conception to completion, VOTE 2013 was a hand-crafted production. From the wooden props, stage, paint, lighting rigs, foley sounds all the way to the 8 foot camera track/move, were hand-built by us with the help of Pakistan’s genius carpenters. It was all shot in stop-motion to show how frame by frame, brick by brick we can resurrect the fortunes of Pakistan. I hope it inspires every Pakistani to go out and make an informed and educated vote!

A Look Behind the Scenes

Also check out the Making Of video for a look behind the diligent work that went into this project.


And finally, a due round of applause for all the people involved in Vote 2013:

Director – Salman Sajun
Lead Animator – Amar Ayaz
Post Production – Maaz Maudood
DOP – Najaf Bilgrami
Stopmotion Animator – Sana Nasir
Stopmotion Animator – Ashraf Hussain
Sound Designer – Mattia Cellotto
Props – Wood and Design Inc
A Special thanks to Neha Mashooqullah and the Mashooqullah family for allowing us to shoot at their place.