This write-up is less of an expert analysis (#SelfObsessed – Ed’s note) and something more on the lines of an open question.

What makes a unique brand like QMobile tick?

It really is a curious case. In an industry obsessed with brand names and related perceived quality, QMobile is an odd success story. In theory, QMobile should be like a fish out of water competing against the Nokias, Samsungs, and more recently, even the Apples and the HTCs of the world. Is it the price point that makes it attractive? Or is it the unquestionably lavish TV ads with drool worthy celebs?

A little while back, QMobile primarily competed in low to mid range feature phones – yes, they had high end feature phones too, but they weren’t much to write home about. But with the arrival of their Fawad Khan and Iman Ali-endorsed smartphones, QMobile has a entered a new era and it is definitely looking bright for the company.

To be clear, its not just glossy spots and top end celebrity power that’s helping QMobile edge on further against the global giants. The product quality and experience itself is something – admittedly surprisingly so – more or less excellent. The touch works smoothly and the phones feels solid and sturdy. There are dedicated service centers in convenient numbers. And now add to that mix the attractive prices and premium perception built with the help of celebrity stars and you have a delicious mix that is, yes, selling like hot cakes!

The curious case of QMobile goes against all that marketing grads are taught in b-school. High-class aspiration-appeal ads for a durable product that costs…7,000? There is a disconnect here but the audience couldn’t care less. Theoretically, none of this should work. But, it does.

As we said in the beginning, this piece is more of an open question. You read our take, now we’d like to hear yours!