One of our readers recently pointed us to the Annual Thesis Display of Karachi University’s Visual Arts Department. We were impressed by the work on display – both in terms of the thought process behind them as well as the aesthetic and visual quality. We are reviewing some of the most remarkable projects from the thesis display and here’s part 1 of the review series.

Ayubia National Park by Muhammad Zeeshan

We’ll be honest. We didn’t know National Parks existed in Pakistan. So kudos to Zeeshan for picking a very apt subject matter to build a campaign around. Zeeshan’s campaign for the Ayubia National Park is extensively photographic with very a minimal treatment of copy and even the logo. It is surely a very good effort but we would have loved to see some more variety in photography (surely there are more cool animals in the park in addition to ferocious big cats!).

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In Zeeshan’s own words:

I focused this campaign on Ayubia National Park to promote the safari culture in Pakistan. Some countries earn a chuck of their GDP from national parks. “Pakistan has as many as 26 of them so I decided to highlight them. I spent a whole week in the park to get good shots. 

Schizophrenia by Qurat Ul Ain

Qurat Ul Ain didn’t create a campaign for  a cause or product but instead decided to create an entire graphical booklet about Schizophrenia. Arguably, understanding of the devastating mental condition is next to non-existent and it is great that the designer is using the power effective visual communication to foster a better understanding. Qurat Ul Ain’s approach is interesting as she profiles well known faces who were also schizophrenic. This humanizes the cause and puts a face (or several faces) to the otherwise sterile and difficult to pronounce name of the condition.

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You can take a look at the booklet in its entirety here.

Kidz’own by Hashaam Hassan

Hashaam’s campaign for an organization that ‘helps kids develop themselves without knowing it’ is a beautiful burst of great colorful imagery and crisp copywriting with a good attention to detail. The handcrafted Play-Doh objects that take center stage in the campaign are a great way to highlight the fact that it is about kids, as well as serve as really cool, attention grabbing visuals.

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Here’s what Hashaam has to say about his project:

Kid’zown is an organisation that helps kids develop themselves without knowing it, by offering activities that deliver a burst of excitement for kids. Kid’zown – a place where your kids would love to be, is managed by experienced personal development experts. Kid’zown strives to enhance Spritual, Mental, Physical, emotional and Social traits by providing the kids interesting and absorbing activities. The strength of the Organization is the idea of “Play . Learn . Grow”, And the simple and powerful idea of training and engaging kids through different activities for their development.

We will review the next batch of student projects soon. Keep checking back!

Special thanks to Pernia Gazan.

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