Summit Bank recently threw ethics and common sense out the window and launched a bank  account + debit card deal especially for kids. Aptly titled ‘Young Bee’ – Young Banker? – and with a squeaky-voiced mascot to match, the new offering shamelessly glorifies the ideals of materialism and consumerism. The aim is clear: Catch them young so they grow up to be familiar with your brand. Well, we really hope Summit Bank ceases to exist by the time today’s kids grow up. It is mind-boggling that this sort of thing is even being allowed to air. Elsewhere in the world, advertising to kids is explicitly banned.

Here are 3 top reasons why the Summit Bank Young Bee account is a terrible idea:

Ignorant & irresponsible

So the question posed in the boardroom meeting was this: How do we spur growth for our little known brand? And the brilliant suggestion: Hey, no one really focuses on kids right? So let’s make cards and ish for kids!

Well guess what babes? It is generally unethical and illegal in most places to advertise to kids. And if McDonald’s Happy Meals is the best part about saving for you…read further.

McDonald’s, really?

No self-respecting brand except McDonald’s promotes McDonald’s as a desirable go-to hangout for kids. Summit Bank, please get your lazy ass out of the 1990’s and smell the green veggies. It’s 2013 for heaven’s sake!

Oh, it’s all about savings and stuff.

Oh yeah, throw around ‘Savings’ a few times & pretend it’s all virtuous. You might notice the half-hearted attempts to soften the blow  by sprinkling the ‘saving’ word around a couple of times. Well, too bad. ‘Cause they obviously are lame attempts to conceal the real deal: to get kids hooked.

Hell, if you want to promote saving show something more meaningful than a HAPPY MEAL! Education, present for mom, charity! Anything but a Happy Meal! Gosh.