When we, like many other people, came across Omore’s latest product, Monkey Peel, we were definitely intrigued. It is a refreshing innovation that is brilliant even if slightly goofy. Just when our faith in our brains, and our pride in a home-grown food company was strengthening, this happened: Omore’s Monkey Peel is a SHAMELESS, DIRECT RIP-OFF of a concept researched, developed, and introduced by Nestle. A classic case of plagiarism, ladies and gentlemen. Originally released in China and becoming very popular there, Nestle’s Peelin’ Pops was later introduced elsewhere.

nestle peelin pops peeling ice cream

The Original: Nestle Peelin’ Pops

omore peeling ice cream

The Rip-off: Omore Monkey Peel

The plagiarism doesn’t end at the mere product itself. Oh, no. The entire promotion, theme, name and even the monkey mascot is disturbingly similar. And to give this story a serious legal dimension, we have some serious patents as well. Have a look at Nestle’s patents here and here. So, expect to see legal notices against Pakistan’s premier food company served by the world’s largest food conglomerate. Oh Engro, you’re in trouble!

We’d absolutely like to take this opportunity to publicly shame Engro Foods for this blatant act of plagiarism. Absolutely appalling.

By Najwat Rehman with additional contribution by Ammar Habib Khan