The local advertising industry’s biggest night, PAS Awards, took place last night. For the full monty on who won, who didn’t and who should’ve, read on.

Agriculture & Related Industy

Who won: Engro Zarkhez

Are we happy? There were no other nominess. So good for Engro you’d say?

Automotive & Transportation

Who won: Servis Tyres.

Are we happy? Um. Can’t say there was much interesting work in this area last year, and yeah Servis tyres was not half bad itself, even if nothing too groundbreaking.

Banking & Financial Services

Who won: Easy Paisa

Are we happy? No. How can you not give that one to Jubilee Insurance? The single best piece of work in the financial sector in quite a few years.

Beverages- Cold

Who won: Pepsi

Are we happy? Yo! Brilliant idea, brilliant execution. All around good stuff.

Beverages- Hot

Who won: Nescafé Basement

Are we happy? Hmm. Don’t even remember hearing about, much less seeing, Nescafé Basement. And that’s saying something. Our winner? Tapal Family Mixture with Mahira Khan.

Breakfast Foods and Dairy

Who won: Blue Band Bradman

Are we happy: Hell no. There are so many other deserving winners in this one. Our vote would go for EveryDay Tum Mein Hai Kuch Khas.

Childrens’ Product and Services

Who won: Chanda Mana by Cerelac

Are we happy: Yes. But apart from that, isn’t it incredibly dumb to have Cerelac in this category? We mean isn’t this category supposed to be for the likes of Owsum, Milo, Omore Frooze and ish?

Confectionery and Snacks

Who won: Halls Aeroplane

Are we happy: No. Really? Dishing out the award to an adaptation of already-ran import from across the border?

Consumer Electronic

Who won: PEL Arctic Sab Se Thanda Fridge

Are we happy: Yes. As long as a certain other nominee (Audionic) doesn’t get anything, we’re very happy.

Cosmetics & Personal Care and Hygiene

Who won: Vaseline Total Moisture

Are we happy: This wasn’t a bad campaign. But it is stupid on PAS’ part to even nominate these cross border adaptations, let alone crown them winners.


Who Won: Geo for Zara Sochiye

Are we happy? You bet.


Who won: National Rang Bharte Jao

Are we happy? For us this campaign was overly melodramatic and, being the quintessential musical thematic, this isn’t award worthy. National’s own Karachi campaign or the National Ka Pakistan would have been more worthy winners.

Fabric Care

Who Won: Bonus TriStar Do Gunah Sasta

Are we happy: Too damn functional to be award worthy. But then again did we want Ariel’s Wasim Akram ad to win? So yeah, not many other good nominees in this one.

Hair Care

Who won: Sunsilk Expert Studio

Are we happy? Argh. So boring and done to the death this Sunsilk Expert business is. We’d pick Pantene’s Shilpa Shetty campaign for the sheer visibility and buzz it generated, even if it is a cross-border import. Hell, at least it feels it was made for Pakistani audiences.

Healthcare & Fitness

Who won: Sucral Zero Calorie Sugar

Are we happy: Yeah, at least the small guys got some recognition for their work which was quite nice.

Household Care

Who Won: Harpic Mohallah

Are we happy? As long as Domex doesn’t get anything but insults, we are happy.

Ice cream and Frozen Dessert

Who won: Wall’s Badami Khao Badami

Are we happy: LOL, no. This was one of our least favorite campaigns from last year. Magnum was much better in comparison.


Who won: Jang’s Kaisa Hoga Pakistan

Are we happy? Yeah, interesting work as always from Jang.

Packaged Foods

Who won: Shan Shoop Launch

Are we happy? YES! We love Shan Shoop!


Who won: Gourmet Corporate

Are we happy? Yes. This entrant from Lahore also featured on our Best of 2012 list.

Soap and Handwash

Who won: Lifebuoy Global Handwashing Day

Are we happy? No, Dettol Jarra Aya should’ve won, any day.

Textile and Fashion

Who won: Servis Shoes for Everyone

Are we happy? Hell yes.

Telecommunications Hardware Manufacturers

Who won: Nokia Liked by a Million

Are we happy? Not really. How about the Nokia campaign with Ali Zafar? Was more fun and interesting.

Telecommunications Service Providers

Who won: Telenor Mobile Internet

Are we happy: Yeah, that was a very good campaign. Plus it isn’t Mobilink. Win/Win situation.

Passion for Pakistan

Who won: National Ka Pakistan

Are we happy? Yes. A very novel campaign indeed.

Best in Digital

Who won: Magnum the Royal Treatment

Are we happy: The audience apparently loved it, so who are we to deny them Belgian pleasures?

Campaign of the Year

Who won: Telenor EasyPaisa Khushaal

Are we happy? NO! With Zara Sochiye, Servis Shoes for Everyone and Jubliee Insurance there, you give the award to Easy Paisa?

Best Original Local Campaign

Who won: Telenor EasyPaisa Khushaal

Are we happy? Same as above. :/