With all the drama happening in Islamabad, and especially everything going on with Dear Mr Prime Minister, we thought a fun infographic about Pakistan’s Prime Ministers would be interesting.

Laid out as a timeline starting from 1947, the colorful infographic features all our glorious Prime Ministers along with their tenures and an icon highlighting an aspect of either their political career, legacy, reputation, or a personal trait. An explanation of the symbols follows the infographic in case your memory of politics and politicians is not that robust!

Have fun!

prime ministers of pakistan history

Click on the image for a higher-res version; download, share and enjoy.

About the Symbols

  • Liaqaut Ali Khan’s Spectacles were one of his defining characteristics.
  • Khawaja Nazimuddin struggled with Communist factions during his term as PM.
  • Muhammad Ali Bogra was believed to have played a pivotal role in bringing the US and Pakistan closer through his diplomatic efforts.
  • Chaudhary Mohammad Ali is well known for his role in the constitution of 1956.
  • Husseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy’s short and tumultuous term as PM was marred by the controversial issue of One Unit electorals.
  • The road in Karachi named after him is much more well known than the man himself, Mr I. I. Chundrigar.
  • A goofy play on Mr Feroz Khan Noon’s last name!
  • Nurul Amin was an important figure in the East Pakistan/West Pakistan political dynamics and the Bengali language movement was a major highlight of his short tenure.
  • Zulfikar Ali Bhutto just refuses to die. Come what may.
  • PM Muhammad Khan Junejo served his term while in an uncomforatble relationship with the Military dictator Ziaul Haque.
  • The first female head of state both in Pakistan as well as in the wider Islamic world, none other than Benazir Bhutto.
  • Nawaz Sharif and his party’s Tiger mark are well known across the country.
  • Easily the least slender of our Prime Ministers cohort: Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali.
  • The bicycle and Pakistan’s answer to Professor Snape, Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain, are inseparable.
  • A sly take on Shaukat Aziz’s finance/economic background and complete disappearance after his 3 years as PM.
  • An obvious ode to Mr Gillani’s commendable public speaking skills.
  • Raja Rental!