These days, Brooke Bond is broke and band when it comes to creativity and class. Gone are the days when Supreme was known for its sublime Shoaib Mansoor-directed Ishq masterpieces.

Here’s how it went: Stumbling from the magnificent ishq (Supreme Love) platform onto a more pedestrian ‘Tea is Healthy’ theme, and then finally nosediving into the epic pit of gloom with ‘Sonakshi ko Manana Hai, Brand ka band bajana hai’. The fall of this brand also highlights a big problem plaguing Pakistani advertising these days: the flooding of Pakistani screens with poorly adapted Indian content.

These days, Supreme is making do with recycled and horribly dubbed Bollywood trash. You know, this one second hand campaign from Supreme’s sister brand over in India, Red Label. Just how a brand makes a descent so steep is beyond us.

Take a trip down memory lane…

The first of the Ishq videos, with Bulley Shah’s Sufi poetry.

The second, and hugely popular, Anarkali video which shot Iman Ali to new heights of fame.

And Now.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the latest from Supreme: a recycled ad originally made for Supreme’s sister brand in India – Red Label – and VERY crudely dubbed over for the local masses. Enjoy.