Opening titles from the late 90’s Pakistani serial, Alpha Bravo Charlie. This 1-and-a-half minute sequence led the mesmerized audience into one hour of heartwarming entertainment back in the glory days of state-run PTV.

Directed by master storyteller Shoaib Mansoor and starring mostly one-time actors, Alpha Bravo Charlie is one of the most cherished icons in Pakistani entertainment. It is also one of several popular military-themed serials that have glorified the armed forces’ culture & lifestyle and helped establish them as coveted career options for the general Pakistani public. Other notable titles are Sunehray Din, Aahan and Shahpar. It is only fitting that some of these famous serials were produced by none other than the military’s own media wing, ISPR.

The opening titles themselves are ground-breaking in their quality and detail; they would have been fit for even a top Hollywood production at the time.