UPDATE 1 (13/05/2013 | 2:32PM)

Following the publishing of this project, we have received a lot of positive feedback from you guys. A lot of you want to collaborate and contribute to make this New Voting System a reality.

First: thanks! Second: Please consider this an opensource, community project for the cause of free democracy in our country.

Use this space and our Facebook page as an open place to discuss ideas and offer contribution.

We look forward to seeing A New Way to Vote become a reality!

Regards, The Desi Design Team

As many of us voted for the first time in our lives, we got to see firsthand many things that are a hallmark of elections and indeed any democratic process in the country.   Mismanagement, overt corruption, rigging and general dhaandli, heat, confusion to name a few.   But here we are exploring how a modern, techy, user-friendly and dhaandli-free election system could be, maybe 10 years from now! A New Way to Vote elections 2013 pakistan Well, what do you think?