Mobilink is not known for the best advertising, and neither are we fans. But over the course of time they have come up with some ads that not only don’t suck, they’re actually pretty darn nice! Let’s have a look!

Epic Ad from Mid 2000’s

This ad is the poster child for that bygone era of Mobilink advertising that was characterized by cranked up patriotism and sweeping imagery of all our amazing landscapes, in full contrast.

Iman Ali Hitches on with Shoaib, Ditches Lala

Back from the days of Shoaib Malik’s bachelorhood, this fun ad shows hotness queen Iman Ali ditch heartthrob Lala for a ride on Malik’s totally awesome motorcycle.

Jazz Budget

This will remain one of The Desi Design team’s most favorite of all Pakistani ads. So quirky, colorful, and wholesome fun!

Ramzan in Turkey

Such a sublime montage of powerful imagery, with equally potent background music by Positive.

Shugal Pur

Yeah, we might be in the minority on this one, but we think this ad is really fun and gets the message across rather nicely.

What do you think?