I appreciate Omore for their usually very creative campaigns. I loved their launch ad even though many people couldn’t get over the similarity it had with a particular Coke ad.

Their recent campaigns, however, leave a bad taste in the mouth. Pun may or may not be unintended.

First up in my hit-list is the TVC for Magic Hat. Although it is made with good production values and features nice visual effects, not many good things can be said about the actual content of the commercial.

Omore Frooze Magic Hat TVC from The Desi Design on Vimeo.

Let’s skip the bit about the kid taking ice-cream out of a frikkin lunch box. Let’s assume that not melting by recess time is one of its ‘magic’ properties. The portrayalthe teacher as the villain and her humiliation, however, cannot and should not be be skipped. Not only is it extremely disrespectful towards teachers in general, it is also very irresponsible advertising; elsewhere in the world teachers’ associations would have rightfully sued the advertisers. Exactly what is Omore teaching school-going kids? That their teachers are monsters who need to be dealt with?

Second up is the campaign that has surely achieved the objective of tapping the viral potential of social media and ish. Full marks to everyone involved for the super creative outdoors and radio spots. This silence is brought to you by Omore Buzz? Brilliant! Billboards with no product shot or even a logo? Even better! I have no issues with poking fun at the original SRK, either. Happy Birthday to him, by the way!:p

Omore BUZZ Tiramisu TVC featuring Osman Khalid Butt – No Shashka, Just Chaska from The Desi Design on Vimeo.

But in all seriousness, making fun of Sahir Lodhi again exemplifies the immaturity that is apparent in the Magic Hat ad. Sure, go ahead and poke fun at celebrities but, hey, does it even make sense in the context? “Umm no, it doesn’t really make sense per se…but who cares?…it is such a brilliant line…let’s just put it in somewhere!”.

This is not supposed to be a hate article. I generally love Omore’s ideas. Being creative is great, but you gotta  be responsible too!