The Desi Design is the Pakistani magazine for Design, Branding and Advertising. Our mission is to be the voice and forum for these industries in Pakistan, and for the people associated with them.

We are based in Karachi and New York City.

Our Team

Najwat Rehman · Founder & Editor

While he wears many hats, Najwat is a design thinker at the core. He loves anything and everything to do with design and has a special interest in branding and user interaction/experience design. He is also the Founder & Editor of The Desi Design. Behance/Twitter/LinkedIn


Muhammad Sameer · Tech Guru

Sameer is the code and tech whiz who makes sure our site looks and works as intended all day and all night long. Website



Isha Bhatti · Contributing Designer

Isha Bhatti is studying Strategic Design and Management, with a concentration in graphic design at Parsons The New School for Design. She has a passion for design and takes advantage of living in New York City as much as she can. She believes she is half cat & would eat waffles everyday if she could. She has a rather unique laugh which can be really annoying or really contagious. Portfolio/Linkedin



Komal Faiz · Contributor

Komal is an emerging graphic designer, photographer and film maker. She is a US state alumni, currently working as a communication designer at Women Empowerment Group (WEG). She also works as a freelancer on and off. To add new dimensions to her expression she dances, writes and designs jewelry. Twitter


Syed Aamir Bukhari · Contributor

Syed Aamir Bukhari aka Aamiriat is a passionately opinionated and impulsive Pisces writing about anything from Art to Economics and from Fashion to Facebook. Blog



Shan Ul Haq · Contributor

Shan Ul Haq is a communication designer from Lahore and his work focuses on concept design and branding. History appeals to him: he is a WWII historian and a collector, currently developing an alternative WWII ending in forms of info graphics and poster designs, inspired by Harry Turtledove‘s ‘Drive to the East’. Website


Special Mention: Noman Ahmed, Saad Ullah, Imran Asim

Background photo by Irfan Junejo

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