Purity has a new face once again. With changes so frequent we suspect Ms. Purity is severely afflicted with an identity crisis, even more so than our very own Mona Li…err…Sara Loren.

In less than a year, MilkPak has revised its packaging and is promoting it with the catchphrase ‘The New Face of Purity’. We covered the new packaging of MilkPak and Olper’s in April 2013 here.

milkpak pack design

We think this latest change is a misstep because of three reasons:

1. Nothing Exceptional

The packaging itself is nothing to get excited about. In the previous pack the ‘natural goodness’ mantra that drives MilkPak’s communication was well represented with a very well designed pack with a sunny blue sky + lush green landscape + happy family approach. In this new iteration, the pack seems to have simply been dropped in a vat of green paint – and a sickly green at that too. Everything, from the sky to the wooden surface to the milk jug is…yes, GREEN. Go easy, guys!

2. Too Much, Too Soon

Changing pack designs so drastically within a timeframe that is not even a year makes the brand look inconsistent and haphazard. It also confuses consumers who are just getting used to the ‘still new’ old packaging.

3. This Jug Seems Familiar

Featuring a milk jug, which is a prominent element in archrival Olper’s current packaging – seems like an attempt to emulate its look. This just makes MilkPak look like a confused brand that is desperately trying anything and everything that can give it an edge over its confident competitor.

The screw cap opening is perhaps the only good thing about this redesign but apart from that we think this is a bad move by MilkPak.

najwat rehmanby Najwat Rehman

While he wears many hats, Najwat is a design thinker at the core. He loves anything and everything to do with design and has a special interest in branding and user interaction/experience design. He is also the Founder & Editor of The Desi Design.